Editing Mentorships

Editing is can be simplified. I promise you, you can get good at editing. Here’s the thing, it took me 4+ years of editing in Lightroom where I felt actually well versed in all the tools and how they work. Just like with shooting with your camera in manual, editing in Lightroom takes time to master. In the end, after a lot of practice and repetition, you WILL know how to use Lightroom and create the images you want to. I also must say that mastering manual mode on your camera and making the best image straight out of camera, in the end, is inevitable to your ability to create the images you want. They go hand in hand.

Not ready to pay for a full mentorship? No problem –
I’ll do a preview for free

I’m happy to edit one image for free, because I love editing and I love seeing what I can create for others. I love helping other photographers grow and get better. I would be more than happy to have you send me one RAW image to kaylakohnphotography@gmail.com and I will send you a video of me editing it. This is done MUCH EASIER if I am able to show you and send you the single image editing video via Instagram. Please – send me ONE (or two –) RAW images to my email and I will edit it, record me editing it on my phone and send you the video via Instagram. You must be comfortable with me sharing me editing your one image on my Instagram feed is well. Since I am providing you with a free service, I would like to use that as an opportunity to show others what I do – and I think that’s a pretty fair trade. Thank you!

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Option 1

Send 10-15 Raw images, I edit them and video record it and you receive a video, a Lightroom catalog with the edits, and the presets. This video will include me speaking with audio explaining what I am doing and the tools I am using. You will be able to watch your video over and over.

Option 2

Skype call, screen share of me editing your images, ability to ask me questions as I go. Includes a Lightroom catalog and the presets