Hello, I’m Kayla!

Kansas born, raised, and loving’ it. Raising two perfect girls, married to a brave firefighter, Air Force trained photojournalist – thats’ how I learned manual mode on my Canon 6D mark II.

I remember a story that one teacher told me about the moment she realized what mattered in life. Her home had been destroyed by hurricane Katrina. She said that her life changed, not just because of the horrible destruction of her home. She now didn’t care if her house was clean. She didn’t care if the kids rollerbladed or threw water balloons or had food fights or  if the Christmas tree was up all year long. Because nothing mattered except her family and their life and safety  and every single moment they were blessed to live and be together.

This story hits my heart. And it’s part of why I do photography. Cherishing those who matter most in your lives is what life is all about. And I just try to capture a little bit of that love.

Life is so precious. Every moment is fleeting. The days are long but the years short. And they are flying by. I don’t want to miss it. I want to capture it and try to hold on to it as long as I can.

And as a photographer – that’s what I want to help you capture. These fleeting days and years and moments.

WHAT KIND OF PHOTOGRAPHER ARE YOU? My work has been described as tender, warm, holistic, knowing and raw. I take both posed and unposed photos at my sessions but most of my galleries are filled with families laughing and looking at each other more than looking at the camera. I give my clients large galleries and I think it should be that way. I know the effort my families put into getting dressed up, prepared and ready for a session and I think they should get as many good images that come from their session.

WHERE WILL MY SESSION BE HELD? I am a natural light, on location photographer.  I photograph most of my outdoor sessions at my home which has lots of acres and privacy or at public parks located around Baldwin City/Lawrence/Olathe. I do newborn sessions both at the hospital and in your home.

WHEN DO NEWBORN SESSIONS OCCUR?  Newborn sessions are best done within the first 2-3 weeks after delivery but I like my families to have lots of time to settle back in with their new little one so I hope to do them most of the time in the second week.

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? If you’d like styling advice then lets chat. I always say no logos and words and also flowy dresses do add some sweetness to images. For indoor sessions, stick to lighter colors.

WHEN WILL I GET MY PHOTOS? I deliver my sessions galleries to my families within 4-6 weeks.

HOW FAR OUT ARE YOU BOOKED? I typically book one to three months in advance.

HOW DO I BOOK A SESSION WITH YOU, KAYLA? Yay! Fill out my contact form here on my website or email me at kaylakohnphotography@gmail.com

Just fill out the form below and I’ll get an email and get right back to you!