University of Kansas Health Systems – St. Francis 

Fresh 48 Hospital session by Kayla Kohn in Topeka, Kansas

So if you are actually reading this text right now, you either are someone who know’s the Mila or someone who follows my work. Either way, Thank you for being here! I am so happy to be catching up on blogging. And I am really happy that you are taking the time to literally read THIS WORD right now. You are the reason I am writing this and posting this. Thank you for being apart of my journey.

This Fresh 48 session was actually handed to me by another photographer Angela Slatten. She is amazing and you should definitely google her if you have the chance. It’s amazing that photographers can support each other and hand jobs off to each other when necessary. And I’m really grateful that she handed me a wonderful client.

Here are a few from the McCartney’s Fresh 48 Hospital Newborn session:

Peace & Love- Kayla K